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Traffic Ticket Attorney in Denton, TX

There are three basic ways that a traffic ticket attorney can help when you are charged with a traffic violation. They can listen to the details of your situation and analyze your legal position. They can offer you the pros and cons of several alternate courses of actions. Your traffic attorney will gather facts and information from you and evaluate all aspects of the traffic offense you are charged with. An experienced traffic ticket attorney will evaluate all legal defenses available in your case. These can include mistakes and inaccuracies by the arresting officer, or other technical defenses that may be relevant. For serious charges, you may be able to utilize the traffic ticket lawyer’s skill and experience to help you in negotiating with the prosecutor.



How Can I Help you with your Traffic Ticket:

I can listen to the details of your situation and analyze your legal position and give you the pros and cons of alternate courses of action. Most attorneys have a pretty good relationship with prosecutors. They know their way around the court system and will use their expertise to your advantage.

According to 1998 data from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), the combination of three field sobriety tests used together was only accurate in 91% of all DUI cases. This means that the arresting officer is wrong in 9 out of every 100 field sobriety tests. Accurate administration of the three tests requires that an officer follow strict guidelines and that these tests be administered under certain conditions. Your attorney may be able to challenge your case by using these tools. Before meeting with an attorney, prepare a summary of information regarding your case. This information will help the attorney to understand the details of your case.

As a Defense Attorney in Denton, TX, one of the many areas I specialize in is traffic offenses. I know and understand the ever-changing laws and the processes by which cases are resolved in local traffic courts. Prosecutors are more likely to dismiss the charges against you when an experienced traffic attorney represents you. Prosecutors often take advantage of people who aren’t represented by legal counsel. An experienced traffic attorney works to obtain the best possible outcome for your case. My goal is to get the citation dismissed or at least reduced to a non-moving violation.

If your job requires driving, you cannot afford to have your driver’s license suspended. Hiring an attorney can help you avoid these situations. Individuals with a commercial driver’s license should always consult with a traffic attorney before paying a ticket. There are specific laws that apply to a commercial license that can result to a quicker license suspension. Hiring a traffic ticket attorney can help protect your legal rights and driving record. They have the experience to effectively negotiate with prosecutors and judges.


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